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Apr 6, 2024
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Apr 6, 2024
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Content You Can Read During The Lunch Break

Content creation has become more popular over the years and many people have tried it as well. But social media, it's unpredictable and we can only control so much about it. Now, it's time to build a blog and resources page where you can find valuable content that takes your business forward. Content that you have not seen me share on social media before, even more depth and value.

The Goal

One thing I can say confidently: everyone's time is valuable which means that we would like to be presented valuable information as fast as possible. Not everyone has the time to dive deep into blog posts that take over 5 minutes to go through. But everyone has a lunch break where reading 2 and 3-minute miniposts makes the lunch break even better.

At some point, I'm planning to turn this blog into an independent content platform which means that besides blog posts, you can see some short-form video content, courses, or even other resources that offer you value.

So when something happens to my social media, you would still have access to my content and get new updates as well.

More about the content

I have been creating content for more than 4 years now and always followed one rule: only share the experiences you have gained and lessons you have learned, either as one solopreneur building websites or a content creator sharing content with thousands of people. But mainly, you will see me write blog posts about the following topics:

Web Design

Every business needs a website, but not all business owners and founders have enough resources to hire someone who can build a website just yet. However, they might have time to build a basic website themselves.

This content focuses on sharing some tips and tricks about web design that everyone can use when building their first website. It will be about the web design fundamentals helping you to make your first website more professional and visually more interesting.

Social Media

If we know how to take the best out of social media, it can become one good tool helping us to achieve something remarkable. But, it all starts with knowing the basics and also understanding what your audience wants.

This content will focus more on how to build an audience on social media and what you should remember before sharing your next post. There are so many aspects of social media and we will focus more on them all.


Starting a new business is always one of the most exciting moments in anyone's life. It is like another great chapter in our life's book. But while it can be exciting, it can still be full of that unknown we have to start exploring.

This content will focus on the lessons I have learned while taking a solopreneur business to $100K/YEAR at the same time. While I still have much to learn from those ahead of me, I can already share lessons that helped me to start my business. Documenting it all.

Everything Else

The whole business world is changing and life itself is one adventure full of awesome lessons and interesting opportunities. Who knows what it brings, but you can always stay updated and see what's going on.

Over time, I'm planning to launch products helping founders and business owners with their web design and development needs, but also talk about other topics that were not mentioned above. Something valuable to anyone running a business.

It will be an interesting adventure, and I'm looking forward to sharing as many valuable resources with you as possible. So you can use them yourself or share with someone you believe or know can benefit from them.

What else? That's it. I'm looking forward to meeting you on social media and here, on my website, as well. Feel free to share any ideas you would like me to talk about in the blog that can bring value to everyone.

Let the new adventure begin!

Marty Wallwood
Your Partner in Business
Social Media
Web Design

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