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Jul 4, 2024
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Jul 4, 2024
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3 Unique Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like a business card, but just a digital one. It's where people who are actively using LinkedIn can learn more about you, what you do, and who you help. Just like with business cards, we never want that our profile looks unprofessional or shows that we are not taking things seriously. Everyone wants to attract new followers and clients but that way it would never happen.

You have definitely seen creators and other people talk about how to make your LinkedIn profile better and what to keep in mind. But what you are reading today is different, not some regular points people have shared.

Over the years, I have found 3 unique ways how anyone can make their LinkedIn profile stand out or be a little different from others. Some are not still popularly used today.

1. Be creative with your services section

If you are offering services and have joined the LinkedIn Service Providers Group, you have the opportunity to list your services and display them on your profile as well. In many cases, people are just either adding their skills there or a short description.

But this section on your profile is like an ad on Times Square that helps you to get people's attention. It's a great chance for you to tell the world what value you offer.

Instead of just listing your services, think about what your followers and clients care about. If they don't know you, your services are not that important to them because they don't care. But if you can get their attention and quickly show them the issue you can solve for them or the value you offer, you can make them interested in learning more about you and who you are.

Take my profile as an example, I have taken the main problem that I'm solving for clients and turned it into a slider under my services.

2. Talk about the WHY in your about section

In many cases, people are recommending to add some information about services in the about section. While that can also be good, it's important to remember that if our profile already has services section, then talking about those services under about section would be repetitive and boring as well.

Instead, use the about section for what it is actually for - talking about yourself because when someone wants to work with you, they want to know more about the person before they actually work with you. They want to make sure that they know you, like you, and eventually trust you to do business together.

Take some time to talk about what inspired you to get started. Give people an idea of the person you are, your great mission, the mindset, what makes you different. Some things people can relate to and find as an inspiration helping to start their journey.

Ask yourself this question below.

3. Use the banner to explain how you help

While the headline is one of the first things people will read, your banner plays a huge role on your profile as well. And what I've seen happen is that people repeat the same information on their banner that they also have in their headline or bio. But let's use the banner for something more important - quickly and simply explaining your solution.

Just like when you visit websites, there is a huge header at the top of the homepage you will see first. It's usually one bold and powerful statement making people curious to scroll down. It gets their full attention.

On my profile, you can see that I have 'Your Partner in Business' on my banner which is a simple statement. Below that, you can see a simple sentence telling people about the benefit - avoid unnecessary challenges. Whenever I help my clients with building websites, I want them to understand that I'm not just a web designer. I'm a partner who is there before, during, and after we finish working on their website.

That one sentence alone includes 3 things that matter: 1) social proof - the number of businesses I have helped, 2) the benefit - what is the problem I solve and value I offer, 3) for who - the target audience I'm helping.

So the main goal is making the content on the banner different from the headline. That way you can use all the space wisely and show people what matters without them having to scroll down.

Final words

Sometimes, the biggest changes come from the smallest adjustments. Those three ways I shared with you above made a difference for me over time.

Take your LinkedIn profile as a landing page and when you are setting it up, look at it from your audience's viewpoint - what would make you follow someone's profile or do business with them? Build trust first.

And remember, your LinkedIn profile always needs improvements. Make sure you keep it up to date so it presents the most relevant information about you. Tell the world who you are, what you do, and how you help. Because we are always growing and becoming better, and so are our businesses.

Marty Wallwood
Your Partner in Business
Content Creation
Social Media

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